WHAT? Since when is SPEAK pornographic? (Banned Books Week)


As I was reading other blogs that I follow, I noticed that Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson is in a controversy. A guy named Wesley Scroggins is trying to ban this book because it is  pornographic. I am just wondering this, as I see many others are as well, HOW IS A BOOK ABOUT A RAPE VICTIM, PORNOGRAPHY? Its amazing what people that don’t know what they are talking about can say things like that. Do you guys think that this guy actually went out and spoke to the books readers or read any of the reviews of the book to see others reactions to it. How they book has helped other victims of rape and other abuse. It amazed me when people do that. It really made me angry when I saw this. How can someone say that about something, that he most likely did not even read? And on top of that is trying to prevent others from reading.

I think that the way the author is responding is very mature. I would be super pissed off. Here is a poem the author wrote in response to this.

If you want to read the article that the author wrote click HERE

Review of Speak HERE


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