Review: House Rules: a memoir by Rachel Sontag


House Rule: a memoir by Rachel Sontag

Hardcover, 256 pages

Published April 1st 2008 by Ecco

“At an early age, Rachel Sontag realized there was something deeply wrong with her father. On the surface, he was a well-respected, suburban physician. But questioning his authority led to brutal fights; disobedience meant humiliating punishments. When she was twelve, he duct-taped her stereo dial to National Public Radio, measured the length of her hair and fingernails with a ruler, and regulated when she could shower.

A memoir of a father obsessed with control and the daughter who fights his suffocating grasp, House Rules explores the complexities of their compelling and destructive relationship, and his equally manipulative relationships with his wife and other daughter. As Rachel’s mother cedes all her power to her husband, and her sister fades into the background of their family life, Rachel fights to escape, and, later, to make sense of what remains of her family.” – Goodreads

My Opinion:

Pretty interesting story about Rachel being abused by her father. Psychologically abused. Her story would also help someone who is in an abusive relationship whether with a relative or friend because she sort of goes through explaining the steps of how to stop being abused. You can also see the effects of abuse because you can see her change over the years and what stays with her is certain mannerisms and thinking that was imposed on her. Its an interesting read. 

Overall: 3.5 out 5


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