Plans for the break…


So I have decided that I am going to finish reading a list of 10 books over break and if its possible… I’ll go for even more.

Now the list of books are:

  1. Nomansland by Lesley Hauge (Reviewed)
  2. The Marbury Lens by Andrew Smith (Reviewed)
  3. The Enemy by Charlie Higson
  4. The Emerald Flame (Warrior Princess, #3) by Frewin Jones
  5. You by Charles Benoit (Reviewed)
  6. The Mermaid’s Mirror by L.K. Madigan
  7. Dust City by Robert Paul Weston
  8. Cate of the Lost Colony by Lisa Klein
  9. The Keepers’ Tattoo by Gill Arbuthnott
  10. Just Listen by Sara Dessen
  11. + more if time

About Katie

I'm a senior in college. I enjoy a lot of things like hanging out with my friends, which you might see guest blogging on here, as well as reading, watching movies, and many other things!

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