Review: The Angel of Death (Forensic Mystery #2) By Alane Ferguson


The Angel of Death (Forensic Mystery #2) By Alane Ferguson

Hardcover, 256 pages
Published September 21st 2006 by Viking Juvenile
“Being a coroner’s assistant means that Cameryn has seen more gore than your average seventeen-year-old. But even Cammie is shocked when Kyle O’Neil, the most popular guy in school, discovers the gruesome corpse of their English teacher murdered in his own bed. As Cammie gets involved in the case, she finds herself drawn to Kyle, and considers trusting him with the secret that she can’t even tell her father. But when their relationship starts to move toward romance, the struggle to solve the case of her teacher’s death intensifies. Will Cameryn be too preoccupied to identify the killer in time?” – Goodreads
My Opinion: Hmm… to talk about this book… what to say.. okay. Cammie is back and this time she is really messed up about her mom and then she finds out that her mom is coming to see and talk to her. At the same time she is trying to solve the murder of one of her teachers, Brad Oakes, which seems like the best theory is that he was zapped by aliens. At the same time she is having problems with Lyric thanks to her keeping secrets from her Dad and worrying about her mom and what really happened in the past that separated her family. In addition the Murderer might be closer than she thinks. As all this is going on Kyle O’Neil, a really popular boy at school and the finder of the body of Mr. Oakes seems to like her and kinda takes control of her life. 

All in all, I think the book wasn’t as good as the first one the Christopher Killer but then the murderer is supposed to come back so… might get some more action in the following books.

Overall: 3 out of 5

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