Review: Love Immortal by Felicity Heaton


Love Immortal by Felicity Heaton

ebook, 701 pages

Expected publication: January 15th 2011

“When you’re searching for your purpose, the last thing you expect to discover is that you’re the latest reincarnation of a goddess on a three thousand year old mission to defeat the original werewolf, Lycaon, before he can gain revenge on Zeus and Olympus.

Rescued from the claws of werewolves by Julian, a handsome and mysterious immortal, Lauren is pulled into a dark and frightening new world full of monsters out to kill her and an organisation of people with phenomenal abilities who want to protect her—Ghost. But the most frightening thing of all is that soon Lauren will need to drink Julian’s blood in order to reawaken and regain her immortal powers.

Or she will die.

Julian isn’t about to let that happen. He’s never met anyone like Lauren and he’s determined not to lose her. She’s the perfect copy of Illia but is nothing like her or any of the incarnations. She is light to their darkness, and she breathes life back into him, but can he trust her with his heart and bring himself to believe that the feelings she shows him are real after everything he has been through?

Can Lauren succeed in defeating Lycaon when all of her predecessors have failed? Will she be able to crack the armour around Julian’s heart and seize her happily forever after with him?” – Goodreads

My Opinion: I really liked this book. I really enjoyed the action of Lauren learning how to fight to the fight scenes in the novel. I loved how the book started. With you being in the scene of an attack. It totally brought my adrenaline pumping along with Lauren. I loved seeing how her personality changed from being a little shy to just going on there and believing in herself. I also really loved how the other characters changed from being reserved and how they began to trust in each other more. I really loved the different settings. From London, to Paris and then to Greece. I loved that Lauren becomes reincarnated every time and being different with every reincarnation.

I really liked how the relationship in the novel progressed with everyone. With Duke and Astra, Lauren and Julian, and sadly with Piper and Kuga. I really liked Kuga,I think he was my favorite character because of all the things that happen to him and how even with that he still couldn’t destroy someone that he loved and take his revenge.

I also found the mix of the Greek Gods and Vampires really interesting! That was unique, I think. I have never read a book with this mixture and I LOVED it!

There were moments were the book made me cry and there were moments were it made me laugh. I enjoyed it! And I hope that you do too!

I also found the mix of the Greek Gods and Vampires really interesting! That was unique, I think. I have never read a book with this mixture and I LOVED it!

There is one sex scene.

Overall: 4 out of 5


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