Blog Tour Review: The Bleeders by Michaela Haze


The Bleeders by Michaela Haze

Kindle Edition

Published August 24th 2010

Sophia Taylor knew that her life had gotten pretty surreal when she woke up on her sofa, bleeding from the head, with her boyfriend Henry smoking her cheap cigarettes (which he never hesitated to complain about before).Why was this surreal?1- Because she was only bleeding because he had effectively pushed her down the stairs.2- He, being Henry Blaire, her boyfriend, but also the man that she had paid ten thousand pounds to murder the two killers of her sister Alison.3- Henry was smoking all of her cigarettes because she was bleeding from the head.4- Which would have been so bad if Henry wasn’t an incubus with an addiction to human blood and killing the scum of the earth to get it.There, Sophia’s secret. And all she used to worry about was a double shift at the bar and when her cupboard at home was running low on vodka and peanuts. – Goodreads

My Opinion:

The Bleeders is a novel about a girl that falls deeply in love. So deeply that she goes bonkers. Or does she? I have to say that this was unique. It was different I really liked the love story of Henry and Sophia. I loved that he was willing to give her up even though he loved her.

I really liked Sophia also, I loved that she didn’t want to share her thoughts because she didn’t want people to think that she was crazy, because eventually if people tell you, you’re crazy all the time, you will start believing it. I really liked that even though she lost her sister, she wanted to bring her murderers to justice. If she didn’t I think the story would have been completely different.

I also really liked the plot. I loved that flashback effect. I loved how the novel started and ended with her being in a mental institution. I also really liked the storyteller effect. And a lot of the details made the story come to life! There were moments where I was laughing and moments when I cried. The emotions that are described are so pure and the description is just incredible!

The ending was totally awesome. I love that that happened (I don’t want to give it away!) I didn’t think that would happen. I also really liked that through out the novel, if you are listening to what to doctors are saying, that maybe Sophia is making everything up. Is she making everything up? That all that happened was just that a story? Because she is the storyteller.

Overall: 4 out 5



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