Blog Tour Review: Life, Death and Back by Cynthia Vespia

Life, Death and Back by Cynthia Vespia
Paperback, 284 pages
Published November 15th 2010 by Weaving Dreams Publishing
“Life goes by in a blink. One moment can change everything. For most, death is the eternal end. Bryan Caleb has unfinished business. Even as he struggles with his own mortality, Bryan must find the compassion within himself to help guide Lisa Zane, an emotionally and spiritually drained young girl, through her troubled life to find her purpose. For it is only with Lisa’s help that Bryan can rescue his son, Kriticos Caleb.” – Goodreads
My Opinion: Thia was interesting. It was a little different from what is out there in terms of ghosts and what happens after death. Caleb seems liked a really awesome person and Holly was a nice person as well. I think that most interesting out of all the characters however was Lisa. I think that her change was the most obvious through out novel how she changed her personality and how much she valued herself. She was a strong character.
The setting was also pretty interesting. It starts off with the crash and through out the book the adrenaline continues as people are being chased and shot at. Also really liked that there was a full circle sort of to the story because We meet Tom together with Lisa and Bryan and end with Tom, Lisa and Bryan’s son. I think that’s a really good way to end it. Something that I didn’t like was that when the characters realized that they were wrong they, all reacted in a way that I don’t think a real person would. But other than the book was great and fast paced.
Overall: 4 out of 5

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