Review: Stephen King’s N. by Marc Guggenheim and Alex Maleev


Stephen King’s N. by Marc Guggenheim and Alex Maleev

Hardcover, 112 pages
Published October 20th 2010 by Marvel Comics
Source: Library

There is something unearthly and mysterious deep in Acherman’s Field in rural Maine. There is a Stonehenge-like arrangement of seven stones with a horrifying EYE in the center. And whatever dwells there in that strange, windswept setting may have brought about the suicide of one man…and harbor death for the OCD afflicted “N.,” whose visits to the field have passed beyond compulsion into the realm of obsession. Based on the chilling short story from the recent Stephen King collection, JUST AFTER SUNSET, this adaptation will provide nightmares aplenty. Just keep counting the stories…keep counting…countingCOLLECTING:

Stephen King’s N. #1-4 – Goodreads

My Opinion: Wow, can I just say Alex Maleev did an AMAZING job illustrating this graphic novel. The art work is really realistic and the “evidence” art work was so real looking. It freaked me a little. But that just made the story more real.

So the base of the story is Stephen King’s N. its based on a structure similar to Stonehenge and how that is a gate that is holding some kind of demon from enter our dimension/reality. Its a really freaky story and from now on, I’m always going to have that idea on my mind that Stonehenge and all of these other monolithic sites are gateways into our reality. It is possible, we don’t know what they were used for so it makes it a possibility.

The story focuses on the this monolithic site and how with certain people that visit it that see eight stones instead of seven become its caretakers and become obsessed with it and in the end it results with their suicide.

Overall, the art work is amazing and the story was interesting. Good read for the time around Halloween.

Overall: 4.25 out of 5


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