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Randi Black is visiting us today and she is going to talk to us about the future of Miss World. Scroll to the bottom for the giveaways!

The Future of Miss World 

            My favorite part of Miss World is all the way at the end of the book.  No, not the

last two chapters, but the excerpt to her sequel, Two Sides of the Beast.  I take great

pleasure in flipping all the way to the end just so I can make sure it’s there.  It’s my

favorite part of the book because it truly signifies the end of an era, and gives me

something to look forward to.

            I deliberately ended Miss World on what could possibly be considered a sour note.

Trying to figure out how many times I rewrote it will only make me sit here with a dumb

look on my face while I keep shaking my head.  But during my last year of editing, the

dark side of Walter, Kim’s boyfriend, began to emerge.  That was when I realized the

story wasn’t exactly over, and wanted to end the first part in a blaze of glory.

            What I enjoy the most about writing Two Sides of the Beast is that I get to hang

out with a very different Kim than the one you encountered in Miss World.  She’s 18, and

a little wiser.  No longer the chubby girl who tries to compensate for feeling unloved. Nor

does she feel any remorse for settling the score with certain people.  What she really

wants is to leave her life behind and start college, and that includes attempting to break

her engagement with Walter on the day she moves to the dorms.  Especially after he’s

gotten physically violent with her and she suspects he’s been cheating with someone who

modeled for the new incarnation of Sassy magazine (oh, how blasphemous!).  Too bad it

doesn’t work.

            But on the day she moves to the dorms, she meets someone new. He isn’t pale and

skinny, and stovepipes and dyed black hair would look wrong on him.  He’s the kind of

guy she never would’ve given a second glance in high school.  At first, she uses him to

get back at Walter, but the more they get to know each other, the more they realize they

have in common and they fall madly in love.  But it’s difficult for her to move on

completely when Walter’s slowly losing it and she can’t shake off her guilt.

            With Two Side of the Beast, I want to go beyond the ubiquitous love-triangle and

explore what happens when you and your high school sweetheart are on the outs, and you

meet someone new.  And how your true love might not look like how you imagined he

would.  The premise sounds more mellow than her predecessor and for the most part,

it is.  After the seven years I spent writing Miss World, I welcome a world that isn’t as

violent.  But just because I’ve cut down on the violence doesn’t mean I’m cutting down

on the sex. Oh, fuck no.  There’s a whole lot of that going on, but my favorite part is that

Kim gets a second chance at pursuing her musical aspirations.  It excites me so much that

I’ll be incorporating song lyrics into the text.  It’s so much easier for me to sing these

days. I’ve even taken my guitar out of its case after who knows how long, and it’s staring

at me from across the room.  It took me seven volatile years to write Miss World, just so I

could do these things.  It was worth it.

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  1. Definitely looking forward to this. 😀 I absolutely loved Miss World and Two Sides of the Beast is sounding equally awesome. More mellow does not mean less interesting and as for sex, I must say you are one of the only authors I’ve read who doesn’t put me to sleep in this department. For the most part I find sex is usually just there to be there, where for your book it seemed to always tie back to something. Writing “good” sex isn’t necessarily difficult, but writing sex that matters is another thing entirely.

    • Hey, Kathy, thanks for your comment! Beast will have some violent moments, but it’s nothing like her predecessor. I wanted to write something more meditative after all this. I am so happy to know that I don’t put you to sleep in the sex department! Authors are not supposed to put writers to sleep when there are sex scenes! I also agree with you writing sex that matters. Some people don’t like the volume of sex in Miss World, but I think it all matters and it’s there for a reason. I don’t read much Contemporary YA, but the sex scenes I have come across in there all seem too perfect and unrealistic, and all the girls seem to look the same.

      But let’s just say that I’m not going to marketing the Beast as YA, because it’s kinky in certain places, and leave it at that. 😉

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