Author Interview: Keith Blackmore


Today I have a treat for you guys. I have an interview with Keith Blackmore. He is the author of The Troll Hunter.

NS: Do you have any pet peeves?

KB: People who chew with their mouths open.

NS: What is your favorite quote?

KB: “You are what you do––when it counts.”

NS: Where is your favorite place to read/write?

KB: Right now, my man-cave for writing and my bedroom for reading.

NS: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

KB: Since Highschool.

NS: What is next for you? Can you share anything regarding a current work in progress?

KB: Right now I’m working on the second part of Mountain Man (zombie survival horror) which should be ready by early summer and after that I get back to writing Fantasy, which will be the follow-up book to a novella I wrote about 8 months ago called “131 Days.

NS: Who/What has influenced you the most?

KB: My favourite writers are either American or British. Stephen King, Robert McCammon, Alan Dean Foster, David Gemmell, and recently Joe Abercrombie (to name a few)

NS: Can you tell us your favorite line of Mountain Man?

KB: Ha! No, sorry, because it’s a two line exchange between the characters Gus and Scott, and it’s kinda crude––but funny. Or so I hope it’s funny. It’s hit and miss trying to get funny right on paper.

NS: Do you incorporate any part of yourself into the characters or place that you have been?

KB: Regarding characters, no, not consciously. Although I’ve heard that a little bit of the writer goes into each character. Places, yes. I went to school in Nova Scotia, and that area––especially the Annapolis Valley—is just a beautiful place to see and live. Also, a lot of zombie stories take place in the States. I’ve never been to the States (not yet) and wanted to do a story in Canada. The only thing I’ve had readers ask me is about is Annapolis (which is the fictional city the story takes place in).

NS: How long does it usually take to write a novel?

KB: Right now, I’m doing this full time, so when everything’s going well, about 2 months for an 80K novel. Recently, I’ve been doing about 4,000 words a day—mostly action scenes as those come fairly easy to me. But, where I’m an Independent writer, the editing and then proofreading (all which I hire freelancers for) takes another month or so.

NS: Anything else you would like to add?

KB: Just thank you for having me on your blog, and check out for news and updates. J


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