Blog Tour: Golden Blood by Melissa Pearl – Top 10 Guest Post + Giveaway!


Melissa Pearl’s Top 10!

1. Favorite movie/actor/actress? 

Leonard DiCaprio is such a talented actor. I think he’s amazing and could probably play any role he was given. I definitely rate him.

2. Favorite song/singer? 

I have so many that I like. It’s really hard to narrow it down to just one! Music is such a huge part of who I am. I like stuff from every era and almost every style. But the first band that popped into my head was Casting Crowns. They’re awesome.

3. Favorite place you would love to visit? 

Again – there are so many places in the world I’d like to see. The first one that popped into my head was the Great Wall of China. Who knows – I might just make it there one day 🙂

 4. One item you cannot live without? 

Probably my laptop 🙂

 5. Who would you like to meet? (dead or alive) 

There are so many inspiring people in the world, who have done such amazing things with their lives. I’d love to chat to people like Abraham Lincoln and Mother Theresa. I think that would be very humbling.

6. Favorite hobby? 

If I’m not writing, I like to watch movies. When my husband and I actually find babysitters we always opt to go to the movies. It’s our favourite thing to do.

7. Guilty pleasure? 

Nutella straight from the jar – large, delicious teaspoons of it. Needless to say… we never have Nutella in the house 🙂 Oh – I’m also totally hooked on the show Rookie Blue. So I guess my ultimate guilty pleasure would be watching Rookie Blue with a large jar of Nutella in one hand and a teaspoon in the other 🙂

8. Favorite author and/book? 

Again – so hard to decide! There are so many! The first books that I can remember devouring, to the point I stopped eating for a few days so I could finish them were the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. Such great stories.

 9. Do you collect anything? 

DVDs. Our collection is getting a little ridiculous, but I just can’t help myself. I love seeing them all lined up on the shelf. I am one of those people that can watch movies over and over and not get bored. I pick up new things each time I watch them, so it’s always interesting 🙂

10. Favorite color? 

Purple – any shade 🙂

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About the Author:

Melissa Pearl is the author of the YA Paranormal Romance THE TIME SPIRIT TRILOGY. She went indie in November 2011 with the first book in the series, Golden Blood. The second two books, Black Blood and Pure Blood were released over the following two months. She is now working on the first book in a YA action romance series – Forbidden Territory (The Mica & Lexy Series), which she has co-authored with her friend, Brenda Howson. The book is due for release July 2012.

Every part of the writing journey is a total thrill for Pearl and she looks forward to producing many more books in the future.



Twitter: – !/MelissaPearlG




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