Blog Tour: Undertow by Callie Kingston: Interview with Marissa


Today we have a very special post. Marissa from Undertow has agreed to be interviewed. In this interview we really see a side of Marissa that shows her depth as a character. Hope you enjoy!

Character Interview with Marissa

Living the life you have had, what is a strength you have developed through it all?

I think just knowing that no matter how much crap you go through, and how low you get, there’s always hope. Now I realize it’s really up to me to make the life I want to have, and that I can choose to love people in my life even if they aren’t perfect.

What is something you are still trying to overcome?

Probably my insecurity, and the fear that I can’t really trust anyone completely.

What was the most interesting and worrisome part of having the dreams?

I wanted to sleep forever! When I was caught up in the dream, it was so vivid, so tangible, that it seemed more real than anything. When I woke, it was the “real” world that drove me crazy–like walking around in a fog, all the outlines blurred, me like a ghost moving through it. At least while I slept, I felt whole, and He was there, almost in reach.

If you could change one thing in your life, what would you choose?

Just one thing? Bethany. I think if she was still alive, none of the other bad stuff would have happened. But maybe I wouldn’t have met Jim either. So how can I say? Still, I wish she was alive.

What is something readers may not pick up on in your story that you would like to point out?

How un-tragic my life is. I mean, yeah, stuff happened to me that was pretty horrible. And on top of that, I have this damn disease to cope with. But it’s not like I spent my life all morose and bitter. It’s just life, you know? And I’m lucky, relatively speaking. I have people who love me, even if they aren’t perfect, and help to deal. Overall, I’m a pretty optimistic and happy person, and always have been.

There is a giveaway on each stop on the tour and also at the last stop, A Tale of Many Reviews, there is a giveaway for a print copy of the book and a $20 gift card!

Author Bio:

Callie Kingston’s home is in the Pacific Northwest, where she lives with many furry creatures (including her husband). She holds a masters degree in psychology and has worked in schools for many years. When not writing, she likes to explore the outdoors, especially the forests and beaches along the Oregon coast. She also enjoys a great cup of cappuccino, which happily is easily found in her part of the world.




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