Some good things… tv documentary… Hardcover Mysteries.


Hey guys! So I have recently been watching a lot of Netflix documentary crime shows and I found one that I think is actually pretty cool and I wanted to share it with you.  The show is called Hardcover Mysteries and what it is about is real crimes that have inspired authors to write their books. And the authors are interviewed along with the police investigators and crime scene technicians. It is really cool. I love how the authors give their take on the murders and how they researched it or how they were apart of the investigations. On Netflix they have the first season available (I don’t think they made more) and there are eight episodes. Some of the authors are David Baldacci, whose murder mystery is a based on the Mary Meyer murder which connects with JFK and that was pretty cool. Other authors are Kathy Reichs, Sandra Brown, Harlen Coben and more.

Hardcover Mysteries travels inside the minds of America’s most popular novelists to explore the crossover from fact to fiction. How much of today’s great mystery writing springs from the imagination… and how much of it is ripped from the headlines?

In this new series, top fiction crime writers share stories of real-life cases that inspired them to write, or captured their fascination.Hardcover Mysteries Website

If you want to watch the show for free, you can join Netflix for free for a month. If you want to see the show details on IMDB click here


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