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Presents for Book Lovers and More (Volume 1)


Perfect Christmas Mix

Since its almost time for Chrismas and the other holidays and  I know I have trouble finding presents for my friends and family so I always look for ideas online and here are some of the things that I have found. Some are DIY which are amazing and then there are some that are different price ranges. Some are perfect stocking stuffers and other supplemantaries to along with your gift. So here goes. As I find more items, I’ll post them as well.

  1. Obviously BOOKS!
  2. DIY projects
    1. Perfect Christmas Mix – a cookie mix inside a mason jar (idea from Hey Gorgeous Events blog)  This is awesome because you can customize this to make it the perfect cookie mix with the person’s favorite cookie mix. Just click on the link to take you to the site for instructions.
    2. Another easy one is a snow/glitter globe. I found this idea on pinterest and it looks super easy and fun.

      DIY Snow/Glitter Globe/Jar 🙂

      1. A great present for a person that loves taking baths and relaxing is Bath Bombs. I found this idea on pinterest as well. The pictures and recipe are from Sarah Titus. 
  3. Projects that you could buy: 
    1. There is this wonderful scarf from the Etsy Shop – storiarts. It costs $48 and there are many different books that are used for it. Some of which are, Anne of Green Gables, Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland and more. Check it out HERE
    2. Anthology Candle which is called Old Books. This candle is amazing, its a soy candle and handmade. Its perfect becasue it is soy, it burns longer and produces minimal smoke. Cost is $16. Check it out HERE
    3. There is also a website online called Out Of Print Clothing, and they have clothing and accesories that are book inspired. Check out their stuff its gorgeous. Check it out HERE

Frankenstein Tee for Men at Out Of Print Clothing